Abstract Wonderland

Lyonel Charles Feininger (1871-1956) was a German-American painter, and a leader of Expressionism. His canvasses often featured sharp, dividing lines where light and shadow built towards a new kind of utopia, led by a “continuity of interlacing relationships.” As the artist noted: “Each individual work serves as an expression of our most personal state of mind at that particular moment, and of the inescapable, imperative need for release by means of an appropriate act of creation: in the rhythm, form, colour, and mood of a picture.” Florian W. Mueller’s multi-exposure photographs are inspired by this methodology, where compositions are led by a specific time and place; the shutter pulled open and shut without the film being transported away in-between. Here, Mueller creates a kind of mirrored wonderland – an abstracted and layered view of the urban landscape – all produced in hypnotic technicolour.


Images: Florian W. Mueller, Lyonel 2000, Courtesy of the artist.