A Space Between Worlds

For Taysa Jorge, art is a bridge. It’s a way of making sense of things – of connecting her inner thoughts with the physical world. In many ways, it’s all about the process. Jorge’s works are collages of sorts; to make them, she wanders and explores new places – taking pictures of intriguing moments and then transforming them into full compositions using post-production tools like Photoshop. The results are ethereal, with radiant moonlight flooding each frame. Lone figures wander amidst vast fields or rocky coastlines. It all plays out in a blue-purple haze, as if in the middle of a dream. Jorge is a self-taught visual artist, based in Spain, who has amassed nearly 30,000 followers on Instagram. There, she shares her introspective artworks with those who share a passion for precise colour grading and mysterious, magical realist stories.

@taysajorge | taysajorge.com

All images courtesy Taysa Jorge.