5 to See: This Weekend

Façades are designed to conceal hidden realities. Exhibitions running this weekend construct and dissect exteriors, examining social and architectural illusions through photography and installation.

Michael Wolf – Works, Galerie Wouter van Leeuwen, Amsterdam.

Ideas of public and private blur in Wolf’s images. An interest in the metropolis drives his practice, capturing the chaos and hyper-density of everyday life in megacities. The abstracted works depict seemingly endless high-rise buildings, exploring notions of anonymity in an ever-expanding globalised world. From 13 January. www.woutervanleeuwen.com.

Solid Light Works, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn.

Anthony McCall’s light installations generate dazzling, immersive forms which are at once volumetric and ephemeral. Occupying the intersection between sculpture, cinema and drawing, the works are in a continual state of flux. Until 11 March. www.pioneerworks.org.

Bridge, The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, London.

Toshio Shibata is a landscape photographer interested in the relationship between man made structures and the surrounding natural world. Through the aritst’s poetic and abstracted compositions, bridges in the Netherlands, Scotland and Japan acquire new meanings. Until 9 February. www.dajf.org.uk.

Anne Collier, The Modern Institute, Glasgow.

Collier’s Women Crying series investigates notions of staged emotions through material culture. By cropping and enlarging imagery from advertisements and album covers, the artist questions artificially constructed perceptions of female vulnerability. Until 13 January. www.themoderninstitute.com.

When Harry Met Aaron, Laurence Miller Gallery, New York.
This show offers dialogues between iconic figures Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind, highlighting the moments where their creative practice collides. Both practitioners are intrigued by the frontages of buildings, using form and line to access a deep humanity. Until 24 February.

1. © Michael Wolf, Architecture of Density.
2. Anthony McCall. Solid Light Works, courtesy Pioneer Works, New York.
3. Vroenhoven Bridge, Riemst, Belgium, Photographs ©Toshio Shibata for Laurent Ney.
4. Anne Collier, Woman Crying #2, 2016.
5. Aaron Siskind, New York, 1951. Courtesy Laurence Miller Gallery, New York.