5 to See: This Weekend

Structures define the everyday human experience. From the built environment of the city to ideas of community, society relies on order to make sense of the world. This week’s selection unearths the varied manifestations of the term, challenging and broadening perspectives.

Edifice, Complex, Visionary, Structure, Sean Kelly Gallery, New York

Featuring contributions from Alec Soth, Candida Höfer and James Casebere, Sean Kelly Gallery brings together artists who take inspiration from architecture. The exhibition showcases a diverse range of media – including photography, painting and sculpture – in order to investigate the abstract and tangible ways constructions embody ideals and aspirations. From 6 January. www.skny.com.

Gillian Wearing – Family Stories, Statens Museum for Kunst, Denmark

The works foregrounded in this show centre on families and domestic life. An interest in human relationships pervades Wearing’s practice, which aims to bring private narratives to the fore. The collection of work – spanning from 1992 to the present day – makes use of recognisable image formats such as snapshots, home videos and television shows, providing an uncanny and introspective experience. Until 7 January. www.smk.dk.

Nathalie Du Pasquier: Other Rooms, Camden Arts Centre, London

By bridging the boundary between art and design, Du Pasquier challenges traditional modes of representation. The practitioner creates an immersive experience by using the gallery as a canvas, upon which her drawings and sculptures are displayed. A playful use of the institution’s walls is paired with bold colours and geometric patterns, transforming the space into an arena for expression. Until 14 January. www.camdenartscentre.org.

ARBORIA, Federation Square, Melbourne

Architects of Air are fascinated by natural forms, taking the shapes of the forest as a starting point for bold, interactive works. A contemporary take on the environment manifests itself in surprising ways, as ARBORIA – a monumental and colourful inflatable maze – seems to completely depart from its stimulus. However, a soundscape taken from the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest is paired with patterns of leaves and branches, bringing the piece back to its roots and generating a unique sense of awe. From 6 January. www.fedsquare.com.

Revolt & Revolutions, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield

YSP’s new exhibition highlights the potential of creative endeavour to spark ideas and make meaningful changes. By examining counter-cultural and anti-establishment movements, Revolt & Revolutions foregrounds artworks that go against the mainstream, celebrating the human capacity for positive action. www.ysp.org.uk.

1. Alec Soth, Fairway Motor Inn, 2005. Courtesy Sean Kelly Gallery / Magnum Photos.
2. Gillian Wearing, Self Portrait at 17 Years Old , 2003. Courtesy SMK.
3. Installation view of Nathalie Du Pasquier: Other Rooms at Camden Arts Centre, 2017. Photo by Damian Griffiths.
4. ARBORIA, Architects of Air.
5. Karen Knorr and Olivier Richon, Destroy London, 1977. Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre, London, © Karen Knorr and Olivier Richon