You Say Party! We Say Die!

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, You Say Party! We Say Die! is a five-piece new wave punk inspired pop band. Throughout October 2007 YSP! WSD! was touring the UK following the release of their second album Lose All Time in June. Lose All Time reveals a new depth and musical variety, this is characterised in the vocal talents of lead singer Becky Ninkovic.

The release of their debut Hit The Floor was followed by a hectic touring schedule, “After playing so many shows we had a clear vision of how we wanted to progress musically and with our songwriting.” She continues, “Hit The Floor is a snapshot of kids living in their hometown writing fun, dance, flash punk music to be played at house parties and small venues. Now with Lose All Time we are returning to bigger venues and the evolution and development in our songwriting occurred naturally as we experimented with new sounds and styles.”

YSP! WSD! is renowned for their energetic live shows, which create an uplifting party atmosphere for the audience. “Playing live is really rewarding, it’s an amazing feeling to see people smiling and singing along. It gives me an adrenaline boost to look out in the audience and see people enjoying themselves.” Los Campesinos will be supporting YSP! WSD! during the UK tour. “In total we’ll be on the road for four months. It’s like heading into a storm; I have a mixture of excitement and nervous energy.”

YSP! WSD! is an engaging band, whose live shows will not disappoint. Becky comments on the band’s plans for the future, “We are planning to tour Asia in the winter or spring and then take a break for a while to write and spend some time at home. We really want to take our time with the third album. We may even disappear for a while, so we can immerse ourselves in the creative playground that is creating our music.”

Lose All Time is available now on Fierce Panda Records.

Shona Fairweather