Wolfgang Tillmans: Central Nervous System, Maureen Paley, London

Wolfgang Tillmans: Central Nervous System, Maureen Paley, London

Wolfgang Tillmans returns to Maureen Paley for his seventh solo show at the gallery. Until 24 November his exhibition, Central Nervous System, is both a departure from and a continuation of his Neue Welt project (a study that develops ways of capturing and printing imagery using advanced digital technology). This new showcase presents a revived exploration into portraiture for Tillmans and focuses on a single subject throughout the works.

Inspired by a JG Ballard quote, “I believe in all hallucinations. I believe in all mythologies, memories, lies, fantasies and evasions. I believe in the mystery and melancholy of a hand, in the kindness of trees, in the wisdom of light”, the artist’s work comes from a place of honesty and intensity. As a result his pieces are adventurous and vulnerable in equal measure.

Tillmans most recent work experiments with new developments in inkjet printing that allow the incredible sharpness of his images to look hyper-real and yet still maintain a painterly quality. Utilising his improved skills, he is now able to project coloured tones that reflect the glossy, metallic and unreal Ballardian landscapes of contemporary society.

Wolfgang Tillmans: Central Nervous System, until 24 November, Maureen Paley, 21 Herald Street, London E2 6JT.

1. lap b, unframed inkjet print, 200 x 135 cm, 2012 courtesy of Maureen Paley and Wolfgang Tillmans.