Visual Landscape

Annina Roescheisen is a multimedia artist working across video, photography, installation and sculpture. Reflections on character, awareness, conscience and spiritual growth are key themes in the works, including questions of identity as an embodiment of the self – as a subject, or as a present or absent motif. Roeschiesen is inspired by iconography of the Middle Ages, German Romanticism and Modern abstract painting. A poetic, iconographic and singular aesthetic is the starting point for any piece. This is followed closely by a focus on words to generate visual allegories for human relationships and patterns of social behaviours.

What Are You Fishing For? acts as a metaphor for youth. Shared melancholy, orchestrated coldness, truth without a mask; the piece plunges viewers into the heart of the union between a young man and woman. The video’s imaginary and visual landscape, which is the synthesis of my physical and symbolic inner sanctum, projects a combination of youthful, organic and melancholic aesthetics. Buried emotions gently unravel in the film’s slowly developing narrative, set within a barely awakened wilderness. In the sheltered surroundings of nature, the purity of youth is depicted, and a personification of innocence becomes weightlessly connected to the heavy earth.

What Are You Fishing For? is on display as part of a group exhibition at das DaSein at Circle Culture Gallery, Berlin, until 2 September. For more information:

The work was longlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2015 in the Video, Installation and Performance category. For more information or to enter this year’s award:

1. What Are You Fishing For? (2014). Courtesy of Annina Roescheisen.