Victorian English Gentlemen’s Club

Bag of Meat
This Is Fake DIY Records

Although their band name suggests otherwise, there is nothing remotely old-fashioned about The Victorian English Gentlemen’s Club. Their music is fresh, catchy and distinctly now, and this perfectly crafted third album is one that the cool indie crowd will be sure to covet.

Released in good time for summer, it is easy to imagine Bag of Meat providing an ideal soundtrack for the long and exciting drive to a festival or the garden party where everyone wants to hang out. It’s upbeat, toe-tapping, infectious stuff; the driving beats of the title track and My Imagination Can’t Save Me Now in particular will get into your head and stay there.

It is also refreshing in this technological age to discover a band with real mastery of their instruments. Guitars, percussion and a lead vocal reminiscent of Suede’s Brett Anderson reign here, and it helps that all of this alternative goodness is offered in bitesize chunks: all but one of the 11 tracks run for a Britpop-perfect 3 minutes or so.

Grace Henderson