Various artists, From Pre-History to Post-Everything, Sean Kelly New York, USA

This is the last chance to see Sean Kelly’s latest group exhibition presents ancient objects alongside contemporary paintings and offers a visual dialogue between old forms and those being investigated today by young painters working with abstraction.

The artists included in the exhibition are Isaac Brest, Sarah Crowner, Luca Dellaverson, Thomas Fougeirol, Dean Levin, Hugo McCloud, Landon Metz, Evan Nesbit, Kasper Sonne, Patricia Treib and Artie Vierkant.

The objects presented, which are abstract prehistoric stone objects, are geographically diverse. They originate from a variety of countries across the world from the pre-Columbian Americas to China. They fall into several categories: flint tools from the Paleolithic Era sit alongst Chinese hand-worked jade. Many of the pieces were used for ritual purposes – Chinese Bi disks, axes, congs and Taino scepters. In contrast to the smooth forms of the Chinese axe blades, these scepters are exquisitely detailed and had ceremonial significance.

These objects lie alongside works from some of today’s brightest young artists, demonstrating the ongoing desire amongst humanity to create abstract work that evolves directly out of the time in which they are placed. Both the ancient objects and the works of the contemporary artists use the abstract as a vehicle to explore culture.

Various artists, From Pre-History to Post-Everything, until 1 AUGUST, Sean Kelly New York, 475 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY 10018,

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1. Hugo McCloud Too Many Tomorrows, (2014) aluminum foil, aluminum coating and oil paint on tar paper 79 x 78 inches (200.7 x 198.1 cm) Photo: Jason Wyche© Hugo McCloud Courtesy: Sean Kelly, New York