Vanishing Traces

Vanishing Traces

Expansive natural landscapes, intriguing shapes and contrasting colours. Dutch artist Scarlett Hooft Graafland’s images are rich in imagination and surreal narrative. Created in collaboration with local communities, the works respond to remote environments and local traditions, offering unique and surprising scenes set under boundless skies.

Vanishing Traces, 2006

Travelling solo to locations including the salt desert of Bolivia, the Canadian arctic and desolate islands across the world, Hooft Graafland captures each work using an analog camera. The results are on view in Vanishing Traces at Fotografiska, Stockholm, a new exhibition focusing on the relationship between nature and culture.

Dunes Like You, Dubai, 2016

The artist reflects: “‘Local social issues take centre stage, and the vast surreal landscape becomes the chorus of a classical tragicomedy that silently comments on the subject.”

The show runs 24 May-8 September. Find out more here.

Lead image: Burka Balloons, Socotra, 2016