Tomio Seike: Waterscapes and Nudes, Hamiltons, London

In this exclusively online exhibition, the second of its kind for Hamiltons, waterscapes and nudes come together to blend two bodies of Tomio Seike’s work in a selection of black and white small format images. His meditative work balances between the abstract and traditional and provide a beautiful reflective alternative to the bold brash styles most prominent in photographic practice. Running until 4 March, the images are emotional and captivating.

Waterscapes developed from a chance photograph taken on a foggy day at Barton Bridge – Waterscapes #1, 1996 – and progressed at Seike’s customary own measured pace. While his work exudes serenity, the photographs are habitually more considered and intricate once analysed. Water and reflection play a predominant role in his earlier work and many of the motifs – for instance the Seine, pools of rainwater and reflective windows seen in his Paris series – reappear in Waterscapes. Seike consciously explores the traditions and technicalities of the photographic medium with compositional contrasts, and atmosphere.

A similarly measured approach is echoed in Nude Untitled; however, the link between these two bodies of work is much closer than technicalities alone: he creates an atmosphere which imbues each image with mystery, longing, and a sense of quiet awe. Again we witness an ethereal, almost haunting otherworldliness following a similar vein of peace and tranquillity. Seike is a master at capturing the quiet moments in life that silently pass, the often missed quotidian moments; “I was never interested in taking pictures of models or well-known individuals, I prefer ordinary people in ordinary situations, as you see every day and every moment – nothing special.”

Tomio Seike: Waterscapes and Nude Untitled, until 4 March, Hamiltons online, for more visit

1. Waterscapes, Tomio Seike, courtesy the artist and Hamiltons.
2. Nude Unitled, Tomio Seike, courtesy the artist and Hamiltons.