TOAF: Stylistic Developments

TOAF: Stylistic Developments

The Other Art Fair, New York, provides a platform for emerging artists from around the world. Celebrating new talent across a range of media, this year’s edition brought together image-makers interested in the intricacies of the contemporary experience. Practitioners offered fresh perspectives on the documentary genre, combining lens-based media and time-honoured techniques to reflect the ever-changing culture of expression.

The featured artist for this year’s edition was New York based illustrator Amber Vittoria, whose brightly-coloured images celebrate the diversity of the female form. The practitioner created live drawings throughout the event, capturing attendees using a signature style. Another practitioner playing with tone is Kristin Hart, whose images bridge the boundaries between painting and photography. To capture the sublimity in nature, Hart adds soft pastel washes in postproduction, creating a serene yet otherworldly atmosphere.

In a similar way to Vittoria, fine art photographer Cassandra Zampini, whose work is featured above, records life in urban environments. Combining innovative viewpoints with a focus on light and shadow, the monochromatic compositions track the interactions between individuals their changing surroundings.  As the artist notes: “The city is a choreography of constant transition and the way we live and interact in society is changing faster than ever. I use the geometry of the city to frame the landscape of the American mind and reveal the humanity beneath our every day.”

Interested in contemporary culture, George Underwood whose contemplative observations capture fleeting moments. By combining landscapes, documentary and self-portraiture, the artist reflects on the breadth of human experience, finding the beauty in the mundane whilst celebrating major milestones. For example, the Freedom series investigates ideas of the American Dream, investigating notions of pride in relation to the country’s iconic landscape.

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1. Cassandra Zampini, No Smoking Near Door.