The Work of Dagmar Dost-Nolden – Painter, Sculptor and Performer

Dagmar Dost-Nolden is an international artist, painter, sculptor and performer. She is fascinated by different forms of energy, which is the main subject of her art. Born in Prague, Czech Republic, she studied at the Academy of fine Arts having gained her masters with award. The artist has been living in Germany, Cologne, for more then 30 years and her art is radically subjective, individual and free, not accepting any exact art category. Often there is a fusion between painting and sculpture, environment, space, abstraction and figuration.

A: Tell us about the installation that is in the magazine.
The installation shown in the magazine, was made for the solo exhibition which ran from June – August 2013 at the Hussite Museum Tabor.  Named Arose from Air, Earth and Storm, it is about the different kinds of energy coming from nature, which have formed my art, me and all the human population too. Always streaming, working, changing. The installation was at Hussite Museum Tabor and is 4m high by 3m wide composed of painting on canvas in acrylic, mixed media, board, wood, paper and paint.

A:What are your main influences and how did you develop you style?
Already at the age of 10 I decided to be an artist, I had seen a film about Van Gogh and was very impressed by the deep passion in the art. I felt some similarities in the way I wanted to express my own personality, whatever the consequences. The paintings of Francis Bacon made me sure that there is still a lot of space for individual expression. The deep humanity in late self-portraits of Rembrand and Caprichos of Goya, but also Jackson Pollock’s free, dynamic paintings also had some influence.

A: You have exhibited widely across Europe, where else would you like to see your work?
I have exhibited widely across Europe, but I feel the best places are still to be reached. My aim is to show at Tate Modern in London,  Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Favourites for me to enter are also American Museums like the Museum of Modern Art in New York and museums in locations such as Washington DC and Miami. I am also interested in presenting in Asia, preferably in China, my work has already been shown at Art Fair Shanghai and Art Fair Beijing . I would like to see my work in any good public and private collections around the world

A: What has been your greatest achievement so far?
 I am not working just for achievement but following continuously my own way, individually developing my art from piece to piece. This is probably the hardest way for an ambitious artist to work. It took long time until I was really acknowledged. In 2009 I was in a collaborative project in the Venice Biennale but I would like to have a personal piece there in the near future. I exhibited in different museums, but  i feel a real peak is still ahead.

A:What inspires you and how do you see your work developing in the future?
DDN: The sources of my inspiration are very broad. The dramas of human beings which are written in their faces and figures, the nature and the elements, the unknown “something” what we call intuition, life in all its vibrating nuances. The ever moving energy playing with our minds, moods, feelings and bodies. The fascination of an active life. As my art is about the ever streaming energy which always changes and has no borders,  my art develops in the direction of even more work in open spaces such as sculpture and installation.

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1. Object Escape from Paradise, 450cm x 60cm x 60cm. Courtesy of the Artist
2. Lot of Tomorrows Object installation  400cm x 300cm x 350cm.  Courtesy of the Artist
3. Detail of the installation at Hussite Museum Tabor, 200cm high. paint on board and wood. Courtesy of the Artist
4. Object U, 500cm x 70cm x 70cm. Courtesy of the Artist

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