The Uneventful Day, Carroll / Fletcher, London

The Uneventful Day brings together the unique and interconnected work of three young artists: Jim Woodall, Alexander Page and Luke Burton. Featuring installation, photography, videos and drawings, the show examines humanities’ relationship with landscape and architecture. Running 28 November to 21 December at Carroll / Fletcher, London, the three individuals unite to create a distinct presentation that celebrates both their solo projects and their combined ideas.

All of the artists approach natural and constructed environments with a sense of playful pleasure, exploring the ways in which the spaces function as stage-like objects or as a trigger for memory. They also share productive tensions within their output, battling with autobiographical links and emotional restraints, while jumping between the view of the image as a source of uselessness or a source of hope, and maybe even personal salvation. The apparent stability evident in a landscape contrasts with the ever changing nature of the urban environment and modern architectural practice.

Together, the works question the audience’s desire for nonverbal communication through the material and immaterial. The pieces also acknowledge the political and economic systems in which the art was produced, dissecting the systems of urban accumulation and decay, the maintenance and sustainability of architecture and the new and old technologies that serve to direct representations of space and time.

The Uneventful Day: Jim Woodall, Alexander Page and Luke Burton, 28 November – 21 December, Carroll / Fletcher, 56 – 57 Eastcastle St, London, W1W 8EQ.

1. Alexander Page, Wherethrough gleams that untravelled world, 2013, C-type mounted on aluminium, 50.8 x 63.5cm.