The Twilight Sad

Forget The Night Ahead

The new album from Kilsyth quartet, The Twilight Sad is shadowy and tumultuous and won’t disappoint fans of its predecessor. The lyrics are unsettling, dark and personal which is emphasised in singer James Graham’s strong Caledonian accent. When asked what the album was about, Graham gave little away, “I would like to keep it close to my chest…” it’s about, “situations I have found myself in, and being none too proud of myself. It’s also about finding and losing people.” The overtones of melancholy suggested in his answer and melodies are relieved by the indulgently discordant moments of release.

The forthcoming single, I Became a Prostitute has the satisfying combination of catchy, loud, thrashing choruses and brooding verses. A perfect contrast to this is The Room, utilising My Latest Novel’s Laura McFarlane playing violin, which culminates in a rich, immense sound that conveys the anger of the lyrics to a backdrop of pulsating drums. An explosively personal album. For further details visit

Sophie Gordon