The Postmarks

Memoirs At the End of the World
Unfiltered Records

With a classic feel, a modern and contem­porary twist, this album has something of the I’ve-heard-this-before, but then surprise, surprise it presents a new dynamic.

The Florida-based trio has created something of a sublime, yet experimental record. Often with a cinematic feel encompassing classic soul harmonies, brass horns and sultry vocals, this album is divine.

Hooked from the first track, No One Said This Would Be Easy it’s evident that this record is emotive, could we be in a James Bond film? Taking the timeless and crossing it with layered arrangements and experimentation, this is the type of sound that very rarely comes around. Go Jetsetter, penned by female singer, Tim Yehezkely, explores the pursuit of material pleasures.

This is an album for the thinking person. Reminiscent of The Sundays, The Cardigans and Henry Mancini, Memoirs At the End of the World is dynamic and real. It makes a nice change compared to the droning sound of manufactured pop. For further information visit

Cherie Federico