The Postcard Age

Lynda Klich & Benjamin Weiss
Thames & Hudson

Drawing on one of the finest and most comprehensive collections of postcards anywhere in the world, The Postcard Age presents 400 postcards from the decades around 1900, providing a vivid picture of the concerns, trends and events of bygone days.

Showcasing Leonard Lauder’s lifelong dedication to collecting postcards, these iconic images trace a visual passage through time, encompassing groundbreaking historical and cultural movements. In their prime, postcards simultaneously sent messages from fixed moments in time whilst opening countless windows into other worlds through stunning aesthetics.

From charting the era’s key inventions such as the light bulb and aeroplane, to women’s movements and nationalist passions, by the 1890s postcards had become an essential part of everyday life. This captivating book is a visual joy, featuring many postcards that have today become iconic. Indulgently nostalgic and beautifully presented, The Postcard Age is certainly ideal for adorning any bookshelf or coffee table.

Fiona Martin