The Modern Magazine

Jeremy Leslie
Laurence King

Although it is a staple of modern life, it is not very often that the magazine is analysed in such objective terms as it is in The Modern Magazine. Jeremy Leslie takes this familiar publication and questions how it is defined and how it has evolved over the past 10 years. Curating mainstream and independent titles, Leslie examines the most innovative pages in the world.

Beginning with a run-down of the invention and subsequent explosion of the magazine in contemporary society, the introductory chapters reveal the positive and negative side effects of high distribution rates. Every page is full of extracts from beautifully designed pages and covers, letting the visuals speak for themselves.

Alongside the graphics are insightful conversations with creative directors, editors and designers discussing their varied approaches to publishing in today’s market. The vast and constantly changing landscape of the magazine world is captured in The Modern Magazine as Leslie simultaneously looks back into the archives and highlights the significant players in the industry today.

Hannah Clugston