Temporal Measures: Futo Akiyoshi, Kouichi Tabata and Takahiro Ueda, White Rainbow Gallery, London

Berlin-based Japanese artists Futo Akiyoshi, Kouichi Tabata and Takahiro Ueda hold the first group show to take place within White Rainbow gallery. Each artist used their own signature medium to create works surrounding the themes of time, space and psychology: Futo Akiyoshi with minimal images of spaces; Kouichi Tabata through motion paintings; and Takahiro Ueda utilises naturally occurring phenomena with a series of constructions built around quartz crystals.

Akiyoshi’s work is resolutely open-ended in its interpretation, each image from his ongoing ‘golden painting’ series overlaid repeatedly with subtly varied tints of gold to capture light and perspective in seductive yet simple forms. Tabata’s motion paintings meanwhile, are constructed by drawing repetitive imagery and layering these stills into simply choreographed animations whereby time is portrayed in sequences of repeated action. Combining digital technology and paint, Tabata’s work questions the role of painting in a digital era.

Contrasting with Akiyoski and Tabata, each of Ueda’s Invisible Movement series contains two clocks: one using the same synthetic quartz as conventional watches, set to time minutes and seconds and the other using natural quartz oscillating at its own pace. These measures of time will tick forever at a different pace – a quality resonating with our individual perceptions of time.

Temporal Measures: Futo Akiyoshi, Kouichi Tabata and Takahiro Ueda, until 24 January, White Rainbow Gallery, 47 Mortimer Street, London, W1W 8HR. For more information visit www.white-rainbow.co.uk.

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1. Takahiro Ueda, Installation shots of Invisible Movements No. 1, 2, 3, 2013. Courtesy of the artist. Image: Shinji Minegish.