Takeover: Cig Harvey

Takeover: Cig Harvey

Cig Harvey’s (b. 1973) enchanting photography reflects upon familiar themes of home, family, nature and time, whilst uncovering cinematic moments in everyday life. Born in Devon, Harvey now resides in Maine, USA, where she spends time shooting images of friends and family to better understand them.

Harvey’s compositions are deeply personal. “My work is always about fragility, and typically fragility within relationships,” she explains. “I photograph whatever I don’t understand, what I’m concerned with, or going through, or obsessed about. And so, over a period of 15 years, the work charts a life being lived: searching for this idea of home, finding a partner, putting down roots, having a family.”

This weekend, Harvey takes over Aesthetica’s Instagram feed, sharing images from her varied series, as well as sharing the processes behind these intimate works.

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Credits: All images courtesy of Cig Harvey.
1. Claire.
2. The Hope Chest.
3. Five Lilly of the Valley.
4. The Plane.
5. Deep Bay.
6. Goldfinch.
7. Anne Marie (32 Weeks Old).