Sunday Daffodil and Other Happy Endings

P. Robert Smith

The second novel from P. Robert Smith has as many twists and turns as you’d expect from the man who brought us Up A Tree At Night With A Hedgehog. Smith certainly has a penchant for long and interesting book titles. It’s a loveable book, although set in the USA, Smith loses some of the expected Americanisms, as he lives in Australia.

His style is unique, although often contradictory, a character says one thing, only to negate it immediately afterwards. For emphasis of a character’s indecisive nature, it works really well, although at times it can interrupt the flow.

The main character, Montana, is endearing as is Louie Louie, his sidekick. Written from the viewpoint of a teenage boy, Smith wonderfully brings us into this world. Although, at times the story is jarred through fantasy, it’s a fun read and describes the terrible pains of youth.

Shirley Stevenson