Summertime Salon, Robin Rice Gallery, New York

For its summer exhibition, the Robin Rice Gallery, New York, opens Summertime Salon, an annual photography exhibit featuring both gallery artists and a selection of newcomers. Opening on 26 June, the showcase runs until 15 September and combines outstanding photography with the perfect image of summer. The thought of summer can evoke many different smells, sights, sounds and memories and the aim of Summertime Salon is to capture all of those senses in photography.

The opening image this year is Swimmer Cap by Greg Lotus. The photography draws the eye of the audience through the use of hyper-realistic colors in vibrant swim headwear. Aesthetically composed, image that is influenced by fashion photography plays with a melodrama belied by the bright, animated color. Three young women pose in a retro gym, two of them distant and one up close captivating the viewer with intense regard that dares you to look further.

Summertime Salon collates an eclectic selection of images, varied in form and style. Crafted salon style from floor to ceiling; photographs of various sizes, colors, and shapes are juxtaposed like a puzzle that uniquely works. Beach landscapes reflect the nostalgia associated with holiday-making, and they exist in an expert balance populating the gallery walls. The photographs are a feast for the senses, pulling audiences into an environment reminiscent of a familiar holiday.

The participating artists include Thomas Alleman, Victoria Amore, Robin Rice, Cig Harvey, Greg Lotus and many more.

Summertime Salon, 26 June – 15 September, Robin Rice Gallery, 325 West Street 11th Street, NYC 10014

1. Greg Lotus, Swimmer Cap, 2007, courtesy of Robin Rice.