Sublime Narratives

Sublime Narratives

Aesthetica Art Prize alumnus Gabriela Torres Ruiz uses photography to preserve a personal experience of silence. By capturing nature as well spaces of disintegration and decay, her diptychs indicate the inevitable and progressive passage of linear time. Her work is on display as part of the European Month of Photography, Berlin.

Looking towards the eventual reclamation of man made structures by their surroundings, this series subtly asserts the powerful ownership of the natural world over human constructions.

As the artist notes: “This series offers metaphors about the fate of those interiors returning to their initial state, where nature regains its lost space. I try to find images that are complementary and that somehow relate, either by the type of light, texture, colour, the atmosphere that they transmit or the aura they have. There must be something that unifies them and they should give us the feeling that they belong to the same place; that they belong to each other.”

Torres Ruiz combines the sublimity of nature with lost domestic grandeur; the interplay of light between the pairings often causes the work to enter into quasi-mythical realms, and as paint peels from walls and ripped curtains hang in broken windows, the photographs imply discarded narratives.

The show runs until 11 November. Find out more here.

1. Image © Gabriela Torres Ruiz, Silence.
2. Gabriela Torres Ruiz, #1 (2013). From the series Silence.
3. #28 from the Silence diptych. Courtesy of Gabriela Torres-Ruiz.