Sublime Landscapes

The Danish artist Adam Jeppesen (b. 1978) searches for the silence and spirituality in desolate landscapes and the physical elements in his latest exhibition, Out of Camp, at Foam Amsterdam. On display are five recent series – Folded (2014-present), Scatter (2014-2016), Ghosts (2013-2014), Parts (2011-2014) and XCopy (2011-2012) – all of which are the result of a solitary 487-day journey from the North Pole to Antarctica. The images of remote, rugged landscapes are suffused with a sense of tranquillity, reflection and contemplation.

Adam Jeppesen, Out of Camp, until 27 August, Foam Amsterdam.

1. Adam Jeppesen, Untitled, October 8, from the series Ghosts, 2013 © Adam Jeppesen.