Style Feed: The World’s Top Fashion Blogs

William Oliver

The fashion industry was once a world of elitism; only those at the helm of the glossy magazines could preview collections or direct style. But in the last few years this has been blown to pieces by the unstoppable force of fashion bloggers. Hand picked by arguably the most successful fashion blogger, Susie Bubble of Style Bubble, this text lists chronologically the most influential writers and photographers of the internet fashion realm.

Due to the accessibility of the internet, anybody from anywhere can now have a say. This book selects those worth listening to carefully. Presented alongside images from the blogs, the bloggers are given their own voice as they explain the vision behind their websites. Demonstrating how fashion blogging can be for anyone, the pages feature Vogue editor Anna Della Russo alongside 11-year-old Tavi Gevinson.

A high-end fashion blogger can reach an audience in excess of 25,000 readers a day, meaning Style Feed is a dictionary of those at the forefront of the fashion world.

Hannah Clugston