Still Life Reinvented

Still Life Reinvented

Caravaggio’s Basket of Fruit( 1597) is widely recognised as the first major work of the western still life genre. Blushed yellow pears sat against clusters of grapes and floating leaves.  Still light paintings then became popular the world over, booming in 17th century Holland. 

New York-based studio a.p. bio is focused on elevating floral design to art. Founder Doan Ly and her team create non-traditional designers for events and editorial, taking cues from fine art and abstracted forms, focusing on light, texture and colour. 

The images are reminiscent of Caravaggio’s legacy – light draping past segments of melon, orange peels and split pomegranates. An editorial commission for Comme Si stuffs socks with balled fruit, falling from skirts and across tables like limbs. 

IG: @doan_ly

All images courtesy of Doan Ly, a.p. bio. From the series Casablanca Moon and Comme Si.