A Closer Look at the Work of Sirenes

Siren Merete Fristad, artist name “Sirenes” is a Norwegian artist. Her work, since summer 2011, has been festured in several exhibitions internationally in Italy, Spain, Canada and USA. Sirenes artwork is presented in international art books and magazines and has received several art awards including a Masters Awards at the Exhibition Cutting Edge Masters of Contemporary Art 2014 in Auditorium Al Duomo, Florence. Her artwork is sold to art collectors in countries across Europe, Africa and United States. Sirenes is currently represented by Onishi Project – New York, VividArtsNetwork – New York/Italy and Galleria Wikiarte, Bologna Italy.

A: Tell me more about the artwork included in the magazine, Happy?
S: The artwork Happy is part of The Flower Power Art Collection, Sirenes latest art project. Sirenes has always loved flowers since her mother worked in a flower store. She makes these paintings in total silence for several hours over days and weeks, letting her soul communicate to the canvas. Each painted dot on the artwork Happy, Sirenes expresses the happiness in her soul and most of the painting dots are made by Sirenes fingertips. She became inspired to paint Happy, when she saw the international music video hit Happy made by Pharrell.

A:She is fascinated with colours, where does she find inspiration for her work?
Sirenes has always been fascinated by colours, even as a child, and as an adult Sirenes found that flowers, clothes and cosmetics all provide her with regular sources of intriguing or delightful colour combinations. She become inspired to paint through silence and peace, by performing yoga, through meditation and by being within nature. She is trying to express the inner feelings from her soul into her work, but also relationships and emotions in and between human beings.

A: Her painting technique is unusual, describe it and how is has developed while she has produced work ?
Sirenes simply loves the creative moment, experimenting with colours and techniques; trowel, pencils, brushes & brooms, often with unexpected results. She paints directly onto the canvas, always barefoot, often through finger-painting with the consequence that each painting becomes absolutely unique.

A: Her work has been described to the “gentle music of Ravel” what influences has she had on her work?
There are especially two artists which have influenced Sirenes work. She loves the French artist – Claude Monet – for his wonderful paintings of water lillies and colourful flowers in the French landscape. Sirenes is also influenced by Jakob Weidemann, one of the most important artists within Norwegian modernisme. Weidemann created “expressive, lyrical-abstract art with nature as inspirational source.

A: Where does she see her work going in the future?
Sirenes believes in following the flow of her soul and let her inner voice guide her painting. Right now her soul is full of flowers to be expressed, so she will continue to create artwork in her Flower Power Collection until she gets inspired to paint something else. Both Monet and Weidemann will be a central part of her way of expressing herself on the canvas.

You can find Sirenes artwork at the following online galleries:

Sirenes online art gallery: www.sirenes.no

Saatchi art: www.saatchi.com
Galleria Wikiarte, www.wikiarte.com
Italy Onishi Project, NYC – onishiproject.com
Vividartsnetwork – www.vividartsnetwork.com

To follow her work in upcoming shows please see:

  • 18 August 2014, Outdoor Exhibition Around the river with 80 other artists, Drammen, Norway
  • 4 – 18 September – Group exhibition SENSAZIONI ARTISTICHE SECONDA EDIZIONE, Galleria Wikiarte / Galleria Mentana, Florence – Italy
  • 11 – 14 September – SH Contemporary 2014, Shanghai – China, represented by Gallery Steiner, Vienna – Austria
  • 18 – 21 September – Art China 2014, Beijing – China, represented by Gallery Steiner, Vienna – Austria
  • 4 – 18 October – Solo Exhibition, Galleria Wikiarte, Bologna Italy

To see her listing in the Artists’ Directory in Aesthetica Magazine issue 60 pick up a copy at www.aestheticamagazine.com

1. Happy. Courtesy of the Artist
2. Thank you All. Courtesy of the Artist