Shaping Tomorrow

Shaping Tomorrow

How can we restructure our cities to counter the climate crisis? Should our homes be more in tune with nature? Melbourne Design Week 2020 explores these questions. It comprises over 300 exhibitions, talks, films and workshops which dissect the region’s urban environment. The event investigates themes including Healthy Cities, Design Cultures and Waste – pinpointing how contemporary design can transform domestic, public and environmental realms.

Seasons is a multifaceted sound work presented in Blak Box – a sound pavilion designed by architect Kevin O’Brien (b. 1972) located in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Victoria. The artwork references the Kulin seasonal calendar – an Aboriginal chart which plots plant growth, animal migrations, elements and the movement of stars. Visitors are invited to pause and listen as the climate is transformed into a sensory experience. The piece reminds viewers of the importance of respecting nature and protecting biodiversity.  

Tied in with the programme is the Australian Furniture Design Award 2020. Shortlisted practitioners explore the environmental impact of production whilst considering local heritage. For example, Supercycle’s wool blankets combine recycled materials with traditional practices – creating the textile in the oldest mill in Tasmania. Other featured artists include Dr. Christian Tietz, Martin Gittings, James Walsh and Marta Figueiredo, with the winner announced 20 March.

From 12 March. Find out more here.

Lead Image: Melbourne 2090 – Transforming From a Consumer to a Producer, Presented by Finding Infinity. © Tom Blachford.