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Brian Griffiths; Bill Murray, BALTIC

The vast space of BALTIC’s Level 4 gallery provides the venue for a solo exhibition by Brian Griffiths that plays with scale, size and the idea of measurement. Bill Murray: a story of distance, size and sincerity takes inspiration from the contrast between interior life and public image.

Brian Griffiths, BILL MURRAY, Baltic

In BILL MURRAY: a story of distance, size and sincerity, artist Brian Griffiths creates an ambitious new commission at the Baltic, Gateshead.

Interview with Brian Griffiths, 3rd Year Tutor at the Royal Academy Schools, London

The RA Schools Show, the annual exhibition of works by final year students, opens tomorrow. Held in the RA’s studio spaces, the event sees students present works developed over a three-year period.

The New Frontier of Cinema & Digital Culture

The digital landscape has altered how and when we experience cinema. In 2010 the Abandon Normal Devices Festival opened to explore these junctures in more detail.