Sculptural Portraits

Sculptural Portraits

In an age saturated with digitally manipulated imagery, Form & Function – a new publication from Aesthetica Art Prize alumna Chloe Rosser – provides an alternative and essential view of the human form.

Investigating our relationship with the body whilst questioning social norms, the book comprises 74 photographs that transform figures into sculptural shapes. Contorted, anonymous and carefully positioned, each composition encourages viewers to reflect on aspects of the human form that are often overlooked.

The collection is truly diverse and strikingly intimate, tapping into personal and universal narratives by highlighting the unique contours and marks of the body. Subjects range from age 20-70, each of different skin tone, gender, body shape and sexuality – offering a poignant portrait of humanity.

Employing the female gaze, Rosser subverts conventional ideas of the nude, crafting thoughtful images steeped in meaning. Many of the works explore close personal relationships – bodies intertwine and tessellate in unique configurations, whilst solo subjects interact with stark interiors in intriguing, deeply conceptual ways.

As Jude Hull, Photographs Specialist and Head of Sale at Christie’s, notes: “These enchanting, powerful images are testament to the human body’s ability to perform amazing feats of transformation. Thought-provoking, they draw us in: there is pleasure in deciphering them, celebration in understanding them and beauty in their command.”

Published by Stay Free Publishing. Find out more here.

The Aesthetica Art Prize is now open for entries.

1. All images courtesy Chloe Rosser.