School of Seven Bells

Disconnect From Desire
Full Time Hobby

School of Seven Bells’ follow up to debut album Alpinisms is a electro-pop gem reminiscent of The Cure in its use of digitised beats and Asobi Seksu’s dream-like qualities.

The record doesn’t simply stick to what it knows, skipping from dance-floor rhythms to mesmerising chill-out tracks. A particularly multi-faceted offering is Dial, which begins in zoned-out peace, until the beat kicks in with an emphatic burst of energy that unites each of the tracks into one coherent whole.

School of Seven Bells’ approach comes at the right time as music from Ellie Goulding and Little Boots has brought electronica back into the main­stream sphere. However, Disconnect From Desire offers a more abstract, liberated version of this pop approach whilst still providing the catchy, euphoric melodies and mysterious vocals that have clearly captured wider music audiences. Opener and forthcoming single Windstorm is the perfect example of captivating hooks within a casing of otherworldly lyrics.

Disconnect From Desire is perfect for shaking off the cobwebs.

Sophie Gordon