Sarah Sze, Victoria Miro Mayfair & Victoria Miro, Wharf Road, London

American artist Sarah Sze is known for large scale works that penetrate walls, hang from ceilings, delve into the ground, and stretch across museums; now her installations run throughout Victoria Miro’s London gallery spaces.

In the Wharf Road galleries, three installations run across the three floors as different experiments into the construction and measurement of space, mass, time, and volume. Each construction warps and challenges the viewer’s sense of scale, gravity, and information as common objects – newspapers, furniture, rocks – mutate from into a foreign state.

Meanwhile in the Mayfair gallery, Sze has created a field of site-specific small sculptures, models of chance occurrence which highlight the tension between the human effort to dissect and understand information, and the possible futility of this.

These works address the fragility of human behaviour, and our own desire to create complex systems by which to understand the world around us, and the impermanence of memory. To explore these ideas, she utilizes everyday objects and transforms them via installations: assemblages of banal ephemera become systems capable of renewal and decay, or stores of memories. Objects are imbued with new worth, and become fascinating traces of human actions and thoughts, once relieved from their commonplace duty.

Sarah Sze, until 14 March, Victoria Miro Mayfair, 14 St George Street, London W1S IFE.

Sarah Sze, until 28 March, Victoria Miro, 16 Wharf Road, London N1 7RW.

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1. Sarah Sze. Installation view, Model Series, 2015. Courtesy of Victoria Miro.