Hossein Amirsadeghi
Thames & Hudson

A survey of 120 of Britain’s greatest living artists in their studios seems impossible, right?

Today’s artist is more of a global trendsetter than a quiet bohemian working away. Artists are more known, recognisable and part of the fabric of daily life than ever before. Think Hockney’s RA show – there was a two-hour queue every single day for over three months. Art is no longer niche; it’s here, right in front of our faces.

There is a great interest in the people behind these famous works whether it’s Tracey Emin’s Unmade Bed or Polly Morgan’s taxidermied animals; the public’s appetite for art is insatiable. Sanctuary (at 600 pages) fills a gap. With a bird’s eye view of the lives of these creators, you can be forgiven for feeling somewhat nosey, however, the text is engaging, intelligent and genuine. These characteristics make this potentially daunting book a fascinating read, and with contributions from Maryam Homayoun Eisler, Iwona Blazwick, Richard Cork and Tom Morton, it’s a heavy hitting text. Just make sure you’re sitting at the table when you read it.

Shirley Stevenson