Revenge of The Mooncake Vixen

Marilyn Chin
Hamish Hamilton

It’s always a great surprise when a new voice comes along that actually says something you’re interested in hearing. In the age of the blogger, we are overwhelmed by words, and everyone is fighting to be heard. Revenge of The Mooncake Vixen (A Manifesto in 41 Tales) certainly has a lot to contend with just by its sheer nature.

However, what is presented in this imaginative debut is a strong new voice, who makes wry social commentary through her vivacious characters. This book has heart and soul. It looks deep into the notions of the American dream though the eyes of two Chinese-American sisters who are teased by the neighbourhood boys, and constantly reminded by the media of the blond-Barbie-doll-bombshell. This book examines the relentless pace of assimilation in an ever-changing world.

Chin has been compared to Amy Tan and Maxine Hong Kingston, but her unique way of storytelling inverts the narrative through a series of short vignettes, creating a novel that operates on many different levels. Welcome her to your bookshelf.

Cherie Federico