Rendering New Worlds

What if a daydream was brought to life? Shadows extending freely across a tiled floor, a mirror standing upright on a table, a pool of water rippling to its own rhythm: these are the scenarios that fill the following images. Entitled New Perspectives, the featured works are a series of digital renders with no beginning, middle or end. Fleshed out with warm, earthy tones, each of the pictures casts a warm filter over virtual interiors and their items. The ambiguous locations burst with energy and contemporary stylistics. With seven years’ experience in graphics and branding, Christophe Barneau (b. 1989) is a multi-disciplinary designer creating his own worlds and pushing the boundaries of space in the process. He has previously worked with esteemed institutions and brands such as Saatchi, Paris; Auckland Museum and Chanel. Barneau works on a range of projects from typography and illustration to web design, mobile applications and print works. Instagram: @chrisbarneau.