Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years

Mark Rosenthal

There have already been reams upon reams of books written about Andy Warhol – arguably the most influential artist of the 20th century. Whether it is on the walls of a privately owned gallery or replicated in the prints section of a department store, Warhol has permeated every angle of our aesthetic language. In recognition of this, Regarding Warhol, Sixty Artists, Fifty Years collates the successive generations of artists who were affected significantly by Warhol.

Split into three sections, Regarding Warhol covers Dialogues with Warhol, Interviews with Artists and The Warhol Effect. Featuring conversations with the likes of Alex Katz, Jeff Koons and Julian Schnabel, the book collects both the words and the works of the contemporary artists that followed Warhol.

Regarding Warhol provides a fascinating insight into how a variety of artists have absorbed and challenged Warhol’s work. In taking art off the tables of the elite, he brought it into everyday dialogue and this book ensures his impact remains central to artistic conversation today.

Hannah Clugston