Raw + Material = Art

Tristan Manco
Thames & Hudson

Art books are a dime a dozen these days, so the overarching question that any publisher must ask is: how can we capture the moment? Easy. Read this book. Raw + Material = Art is an intelligent overview of 38 of the most resourceful and creative artists working globally today. It’s a book that dives head first into the discovery of artists’ working methods.

Today everything has a finite lifespan; either it gets recycled or thrown away, and eventually replaced for new. This rampant consumerism isn’t conducive to a level-headed world. The artists featured in this text use low-cost, reclaimed materials and transform them into poignant and resonating works of art with an underlying message about our detachment from the physical world.

With an insightful introduction from Tristan Manco, the stage is set, and the artists are profiled and their practice discussed in great detail (Yuken Teruya, Baptiste Debombourg, Faile and others). With over 400 illustrations, this book is essential. Not only is it informative, but it’s inspirational making you want to create something new too.

Cherie Federico