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Performing Reality

A new Marina Abramović exhibition in Oxford promises to be the “most minimal and the most radical conceptually” she has ever made.

Pioneering Ceramics

An exhibition illuminates the creative lineage of Black women ceramicists and artists from the last 70 years, celebrating their remarkable contributions.

A Species Between Worlds

A new exhibition in New York asks: how is our relationship with smartphones changing? In which spaces do we spend the most time – digital or real?

Into the Future: Frieze Seoul

Frieze opens its first art fair in Asia this September, featuring more than 110 global institutions. Here is Aesthetica’s run down of what to see.

Digital Mythologies

“In the world of web3, a week is like a year in the normal world. So much is developed at high speed.” Nxt Museum presents groundbreaking digital art.

Looking at Structures

Martine Hamilton Knight’s architectural photographs of Nottingham allow remarkable buildings the visual space to “speak” for themselves.

Photography to See: This Month

200 years since the advent of lens-based image-making, we’re sharing five exhibitions that use the format to take the temperature of society today.

Play and Creativity

“Each of my photos is like looking at a page from my diary.” Delfina Carmona’s process is defined by autobiography, experimentation and fun.

5 to Know: The Armory Show 2022

New York’s Armory Show, first launched in 1994, is considered by many to be a cornerstone of the art world calendar. Here are five artists to know.

Art, Photography, Commerce

LACMA explores how artists have adopted techniques from commercial photography ­– “the most powerful mainstream visual language.”

A Touch of Magic

Cig Harvey’s photographic work is defined by an acute awareness of nature and the passing of time – crafting scenes bursting with narrative potential.

Beyond the Surface

Belgian-Cameroonian photographer NJAHEUT is interested in the complexities of identity, breaking down stereotypes and celebrating shared humanity.

Staging our Reality

A group show at the Helmut Newton Photography Foundation, Berlin, explores the way that photographers have portrayed Hollywood.

Digital Resonance

John Gerrard is best known for creating “Land Art in the age of Google Earth”: eye-catching digital simulations examining timely global issues.

Body as Canvas

“For me, art happens everywhere.” Milena ZeVu creates wearable sculptures that transform the cityscape – combining performance and body art.

Exploring the Metropolis

Jens Liebchen creates “drive-by photography” – capturing the Los Angeles’ vast highways and boulevards as he moves through them at pace.

Vinnitte Chen: Video Profile

Vinitte Chen is a Shanghai-based artist whose multidisciplinary practice is influenced by an upbringing in two countries: China and Canada. Various natural landscapes, cultural norms and artistic edification shape her interactive pieces, many of which explore the complex dualities found
in nature and human relationships.

Art Outdoors

Here are five Aesthetica Art Prize finalists who construct temporary interventions from a variety of media: from paint to recycled objects.

Intricate Relationships

Tony Wang is a photographer and filmmaker currently studying for a Photography BFA at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. His latest film projects involve a collaboration between the camera and the art of dance.

A Neon-Soaked City

In 1976, photographer Greg Girard arrived in Tokyo. “Blade Runner-esque” had yet to enter the lexicon, and the resulting photographs were mesmerising.