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Gemma Singleton

Gemma Singleton explores how visuals can replicate the experience of a bio-organic world, through the duplication of plantlife or bodies of water.

Francesca Gillett

Francesca Gillett focuses on the craftsmanship used in the Victorian era, combined with an analysis of nature and tropical shapes in the 21st century.

Emily Hopkins

Sustainability is a huge influence on Hopkins’practice, creating works that are ethically produced and have minimal environmental impact.

Ellie Lennard

Lennard’s Modernist Patchwork explores the modernising traditional patchwork techniques, inspired by Spanish architecture and Surrealist artworks.

Camilla Oleksy

Camilla Olesky combines western neo-traditionalism with Wabi Sabi – inspired by the ideas of perfection and imperfection.

Rameel Siddiqui

Rameel Siddiqui is a product designer with a strong focus on functionality and sustainability. He has always been naturally drawn to the world of design.

Perla Kormos

Mechanical and intricate, Kormos’ works transform animalistic characteristics through ball-bearing joints, hinges and rivets.

Miriam Manca

Manca’s work is inspired by everyday functionality and sustainable design ethics. She makes products which aim to improve the lives of others.

Fahmida Khan

Fahmida Khan’s process is driven by the need to keep creativity alive. The designer has always been fascinated by patterns and colours.

Di Hieu Vu

Both decorative and highly functional, each of Lucy Vu Divu’s products either have a story behind them, or a seek to find a solution to a problem.

Connor Wall

Connor Wall’s “Mundbyrdan” is designed to improve sleeping habits, protecting the user from signals released by phones and computers.

Karla Witcombe

Karla Witcombe’s final project centres on meditation as a tool for young people dealing with stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

Natalia Gasior

Developing brand identities is Natalia Gasior’s passion, working to create new concepts through effective, well researched design.

Inês Segadães

Inês Segadães is inherently interested in in creating, developing and shaping the outlook of distinctive and contemporary brands.

Holly Bryant

Holly Bryant is a compassionate designer with a strong focus on ethics. She strives to tackle complex issues by using a simple imagery.

Ellie Covington

Ellie Covington’s design work greatly relies on using imagery to create a narrative, acting as a primary method of visual communication.

Elise Smith

Inspired by her work with the RSPCA, the aim of Elise Smith’s project is to modernise the dog re-homing experience for new owners.

Charlie Batterbee

Charlie Batterbee, combines her editorial designs and ideology to produce books about educating people on health and wellbeing topics.

Calin Bota

Calin Bota loves motion design. Graphic design has enabled him to balance a need to explore creativity in abundance and learn about different topics.

Becky Place

Becky Place’s believes that inspiration is around all of the time, but you need to allow it to come in. She is inspired by elements of gaming and photography.