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Aribah Rizvi

For Aribah Rizvi, graphic design can be used to inform and educate. Rizvi’s project considers the negative after-effects of the Syrian Civil War.

Zana Xhambazi

Zana Xhambazi’s REPULSIVE PULSE: Pins&Needles is a minimalist collection focused on experimentation in androgyny and genderless fashion.

Tulia Rooney

Tulia Rooney’s Unrequited Love explores the feelings experienced by those with mental illnesses, reflected by experimenting with fabrics.

Nicole Robinson

Nicole Robinson’s collection addresses the inequality between menswear and womenswear, raising awareness to the feminist movement.

Naomi Hopkins

In this collection, Naomi Hopkins’ combines a rebellious and aggressive nature with gender neutral fashion, combatting traditional stereotypes.

Myriam Pindi

Myriam Pindi’s collection was inspired and developed from an increasing fascination and appreciation of Parisian high-end fashion.

Lorena Cecilia Peña

Lorena Cecilia Peña believes that garments represent so many things that unite and divide us: they become armour for the wearer.

Katherine Messider

Messider’s collection The Commitment to Perfection is empowering and feminist, inspired by the 1950s styles and digital glitch visuals.

Jessica Haines

Jessica Haines’ inspiration has always come from her grandad, researching and incorporating key themes from his life into her collection.

Elice Nelson

For Elice Nelson’s final year collection, she created a AW20/21 menswear collection inspired by Grime music and London street culture.

Aesthetica Art Prize:
5 Winners

Meet five of our talented Main and Emerging Aeshetica Art Prize winners. These artists use video to hold up a mirror to the world around us.

Static Encounters

Veronique Boyens’ photography series, At a Distance, embraces a new normal as the globe moved into lockdown and a period of isolation.

Fiona Woodall

Woodall designed an inner-city community kitchen in response to studies into loneliness and depression concerning young people.

Afreen Fazil

Afreen Fazil’s final project explores the evolution of Arabic typography from angular Phoenician texts to the current cursive Arabic scripts.

George Hounslow

Hounslow is fascinated by vehicles and the variations of design that have developed over time, as well as what the future holds for transportation.

Amy Dance

Responding to a UN report that up to one million species are endangered, Textile Designer Any Dance, works with new visuals and sustainable materials.

Alexander Eyles

Alexander Eyles’ work is inspired by a long-standing passion for innovation, whilst supporting those in need, finding considered and viable solutions.

Vita Krasniqi

Vita Krasniqi’s focuses on interior architectural projects in various scales for retail, residential, commercial and exhibition design.

Sadida Islam

With Space-pod Commercial interiors, Islam strives to to explore interior styles that create a beautiful balance between traditional and modern.

Rudina Shala

Rudina Shala is interested in residential design, landscape design and has a passion for environments that induce a sense of movement and emotion.