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Actions by Design

Colour is tied up with the architecture of power and control. Kapwani Kiwanga shows us how, in aesthetically pleasing, immersive installations.

Building a Universe

Origami boats sail through seas of paper-cut leaves in JeeYoung Lee’s constructed studio scenes, acting as windows to an inner world.

Beyond Narrative

We Need Colour is satisfying in its visual style and co-ordination: eyeshadows, backgrounds clothing and props are all carefully matched.

Planetary Expeditions

Maria Leonardo Cabrita imagines the discovery of a lost cosmos found in-between the Sun and Mercury, filled with neon skies and rising steam.

Creative Advocacy

Media representations of Africa are all too often based on clichéd views. Aïda Muluneh is pushing past these narratives with her surreal storytelling.

Aerial Perspective

A landmark show tracks humanity’s 21st century story, drawing attention to photo artists who are portraying the impact of industry on the Earth.

Time on Earth: The August / September Issue

Storytelling is how we recall the past and imagine possible futures. This issue is about reflection and memory, tracking complex systems across the world.

United Ecosystems

Global temperatures are set to reach new highs. Tomás Saraceno’s exhibition champions shared stewardship of the land, people and knowledge.

A Survey of Parenthood:
Intimate Strangers

Through moments of honesty, investigation and tenderness, this show grapples with the complex relationships that exist within familial life.

Compelling Terrains:
5 Photobooks for Summer

Through skilful composition and artful storytelling, these photobooks serve as a platform for crucial discourse on identity, nationhood and migration.

Translucent Facades

Glass Houses, published by Phaidon, showcases domestic residences, across the globe, which have been inspired by the material’s legacy.

Summer Memories

Summer Lovin’, the latest exhibition at Robert Mann Gallery, brings together 14 artists who capture nostalgic memories under the summer sun.

Berlin Shows: 5 to See

Berlin is recognised as one of the most important cities on the cultural map. The German capital is a hotspot for both emerging and established artists.

Life in Colour:
Evelyn Hofer

The Photographers’ Gallery, London, presents Evelyn Hofer’s first UK solo show, in a display that spans 45 years of intuitive and vibrant image-making.

Experimental Expressions

Rieko Whitfield is a Japanese-American artist whose experimental pop music from her debut EP  Regenesis has been making waves in the London art scene. As a current artist in residence at the Tate Modern and a recent graduate of the Royal College of Art, she has been gaining a cult following through live performances at the V&A and the ICA.

Space to Create

Rasheed Araeen’s latest installations build a sense of togetherness by engaging people in collective creative acts at the Tate Modern.

The Meaning of Home

A collaboration between Johny Pitts and T. S. Eliot Prize winning poet Roger Robinson is an attempt to answer the question: “What is Black Britain?”

Challenging Misrepresentation

In BLACK VENUS, artists offer a riotous affront to centuries-long objectification, showcasing all that Black womanhood can be, and has always been.

Korean Art London:
A Major New Fair

Korean Art London is the UK’s first fair dedicated to the country’s contemporary art scene, opening at a significant moment in time for K-culture worldwide.

Nature’s Silhouettes:
Ana Mendieta

MO.CO. Panacee brings together over 100 works from one of the most influential Cuban-American performance and sculpture artists: Ana Mendieta.