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Behind the Algorithm

Mónica Alcázar-Duarte – an Aesthetica Art Prize finalist – makes searing work about the embedded relationship between real-world and digital bias.

Ilina Mustafina: Video Profile

Ilina Mustafina is a New York-based artist, photographer, and architectural and fashion designer whose works have an organic, authentic and spontaneous focus. Her pieces are softly compelling, offering an innate understanding of light, colour, shadow and structure.

Pushing the Gaze

Lennart Brede’s portraits aim “to get a rare glimpse of what lies beneath the surface” – to reveal the raw and real behind our everyday existence.

5 to See: Les Rencontres d’Arles

France’s annual summer photography festival returns with a searing programme featuring more than 160 artists. Here are exhibitions to look out for.

Playful Encounters

South Korean artist and designer JeeYoung Lee fills a gallery with 400 hand-crafted Ginkgo leaves – and suspends a paper boat from the ceiling.

Connected to Light

Power! Light! at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg highlights bold artworks in which light is used to make sense of political, social and ecological situations.

Cinematic Photography

“Photography preceded cinema, but does this imply that photography is the parent of cinema?” Here, five Aesthetica Art Prize finalists explore this question.

Borderless Imagination

Artists. Programmers. Architects. Engineers. teamLab are the globally acclaimed collective behind today’s most popular immersive installations.

The Power of Colour

Memory, loss and family are central to Heather Evans Smith’s latest series, which is filled with visual metaphors surrounding the colour blue.

Messages in the Landscape

The Songlines of the Seven Sisters is a creation story central to Australia. Now, Berlin’s Humboldt Forum offers a multisensory encounter with the tale.

Synthetic Nature

In 1992, a strange pine tree appeared in Denver, Colorado. Its goal: to remain as invisible as possible, camouflaging an antenna in plain sight.

Aesthetics of Empathy

“Technology is blamed for all manner of societal ills, but it’s what we do with this tool that matters.” Richard Mosse’s images are on show in Germany.

Aesthetica Art Prize 2022:
Winners Announced

Baff Akoto and Yukako Tanaka have been awarded this year’s Aesthetica Art Prize – a celebration of creativity and today’s most engaging practitioners.

Out of the Ordinary

“Cyberpunk” is a sub-genre of science fiction featuring advanced technology. These stories inspired Austin Poon to begin creating 3D digital art.

What’s On: Art & Design in 2022

Aesthetica takes a look at the second half of 2022. We spotlight one unmissable show for each month, in a selection which spans museums worldwide.

Digital Taxonomy

A new botanical encyclopaedia documents plants and flowers seemingly impossible in nature, with digital stems bending and twisting.

Reclaimed Materials

The UK generated 222.2 million tonnes of total waste in 2018. We’re sharing five Aesthetica Art Prize finalists using discarded objects in new ways.

Pride Month 2022: Art to Discover

Explore five exhibitions and events taking place in the UK and US, from photography shows and art tours to the launch of a brand new museum.

Designs for Tomorrow

How can we reinvent design practices, and work towards a circular economy? A new generation of creatives looks to answer this question.

Photographic Imagination

In the 1900s, popular culture imagined flying cars, robot assistants and artificial intelligence gone awry. Now, Getxophoto asks us: what happens next?