The Politics of Food, Delfina Foundation, London

During the past decade there has been a proliferation of cultural practitioners interrogating the global politics and ethics of food production, distribution and consumption. In light of this, the Delfina Foundation has chosen 10 artists, curators and thinkers to explore the politics of food in the organisation’s first theme-based residency. The exhibition will run 20 January until 15 February.

This residency coincides with the foundations reopening following a £1.4m transformation of its building. The renovations will double the residency and exhibition space, making it the largest international artist residency provider in London. The first exhibition in this new space will highlight key issues within the theme of food politics and act as a starting point for research undertaken during selected artists’ residencies. Participating artists include: Abbas Akhavan, Zineb Sedira, Raed Yassin, Asuncion Molinos, and Senam Okudzeto.

The Delfina Organisation, founded in 1988, provides a place for artists to engage in cross-cultural dialogue and explore opportunities for artistic experimentation. Through its residency and public programme, the Delfina Foundation brings together artists, curators and critics from around the world to explore how artistic strategies have and can be used to address wide-ranging issues, in this case issues relating to food, agriculture, and the environment.

The Politics of Food, 13 January – 7 February, Delfina Foundation, 29/31 Catherine Place, Victoria, London, SW1E 6DY.

1. Larissa Sansour, Nation Estate, 2012.