Playful Silhouettes

Based on the small, Mediterranean island of Corsica, So AsA’s main inspiration comes from busy street activity. The artist began to build up a portfolio of silhouettes, having originally shot in black and white. When the sun hits buildings, passers-by are thrown into anonymity. Colours burst against the illuminated walls in bright oranges, yellows and reds. Meanwhile, shadows outline strangers as they walk amongst the buildings. They stand, talk, play and run through alleyways, outside of market stalls and across roads, never to be truly known or identified. Using only an iPhone, So AsA examines the everyday through a new lens, cradling the shadows of city-goers, parents, children and lone wanderers. Their bodies are like cut-outs from a collage. These pictures celebrate the energy from a bustling town whilst maintaining a sense of distance, providing an impression of a given moment.