Pippa Young: A Shifting Uncertainty at Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh

Pippa Young: A Shifting Uncertainty at Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh

In the few years since she graduated in Fine Art in 2012, Pippa Young has won international acclaim, named by Saatchi Art as an “Artist to Invest In”, shortlisted for the Threadneedle Exhibition as well as for 100 Painters of Tomorrow and the Beers Contemporary Award for Emerging Art. She has enjoyed successful solo exhibitions in London, Newlyn and Penzance. Now, Arusha Gallery hosts her first solo show in Scotland.

Though primarily known for her painting, with its ambiguous mixture of symbolism and combinations of visual languages, drawing is the foundation of her practice, the medium in which she explores and develops her ideas. Titled A Shifting Uncertainty, the Arusha Gallery exhibition takes place in two parts, the first of which will feature her drawings, while a second phase next year will showcase a new selection of oil paintings.

Regarding the exhibition title, Young says: “To live in the modern world is to participate in a shifting uncertainty. Experience is fragmented, meaning ambiguous. What seems to be apparent on the surface can prove to be something else entirely underneath; interpretation varies from one person to another. Information is received through a jumble of influences, much of it photographic imagery.” The artist’s aim is that the viewer will interpret the works in their own way. With several universal themes running through her work such as the fragility of the human condition, the transience of life and the subjective nature of reality, there are many strands present for viewers to consider and to connect with.

With the works executed in a variety of mediums including pencil, silverpoint, printmaking and painting, as well as her use of book covers as a new surface, the exhibition will also question perceptions of what “drawing” is. Says Young: “I am interested in the nature of the reality we construct around ourselves from the fragments of information we receive. I am also interested in the representation of reality, through painting and photography, and the differences between the two.”

Pippa Young: A Shifting Uncertainty – Drawings; 16 October – 14 November; Arusha Gallery, 13a Dundas Street, Edinburgh, EH3 5QU.

For more information, visit www.arushagallery.com.

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1. Pippa Young, A Kind Of Insanity, 2015. Courtesy of Arusha Gallery.