Photographic Paintings

Gail Albert Halaban

Bridging the two media of painting and photography, Gail Albert Halaban (b. 1970) traced the steps of legendary American artist Edward Hopper, travelling to Gloucester, Massachusetts, to record the houses he painted nearly 100 years before. At first glance, Albert Halaban’s Hopper Redux  series is simply a voyeuristic glance across an American street. However, the collection stands as a return journey to a place where the photographer had spent much of her childhood, in which the city is approached through Hopper’s objective eyes. Surprised by the angles the painter had chosen, Albert Halaban involved the residents in her works, some of whom were not aware of the credentials of their home. With pieces previously appearing in the New York Times  and Time  magazine, the fine art photographer is known for her silent observations of residential landscapes. The following images are taken from her Hopper Redux  series, which is currently on show at Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester, Massachusetts, until 29 September.