Paula Rego: The Complete Graphic Work

T. G. Rosenthal
Thames & Hudson

Talking about her practice, Paula Rego said “there’s something sexual about drawing, and there’s a great deal of comfort in it as well … it is utterly thrilling.” Rego’s lithographs and etchings bear the imprint of an artist who is completely absorbed in what she does.

This edition includes some 60 new works, including five new series produced in the last 10 years: Moon Eggs, Prince Pig, O Vinho, The Curved Planks and Female Genital Mutilation. Beginning with an interview between the author and the artist on her 76th birthday, this edition also includes a complete catalogue raisonné and an essay on Rego’s graphic techniques from printmaker and artist Paul Coldwell.

Giving due space to the power of Rego’s work, Rosenthal only gives short background information on each series and a brief comment on each print. This is a refreshing approach and one that allows the raw violence and verve of line, so apparent in a work like Death Goes Shopping (2009-10), space to live and breathe.

Bethany Rex