Pangaea: New Art From Africa and Latin America

From 2 April to 31 August, The Saatchi Gallery London will present Pangaea: New Art From Africa and Latin America. Presenting work from 16 artists, this exhibition aims to re-join and demonstrate the links between the two continents that were once the Prehistoric land mass known as Pangaea- Africa and Latin America.

With Galleries across the world seeking to diversify from the eurocentric norm, this exhibition provides a platform for the new and establish artists from Latin America and Africa to find a new audience. It seeks to demonstrate that art is now a globalised medium and that the artists of today are looking outside the geographical boundaries of their own experience and historic context for inspiration.

Artists on display include Antonio Malta and Vincent Michea whose work is highly influenced by the world that they see around them and the cities in which they live. With economic and civil unrest as a common influence this selection of artists are using the rich, diverse and rapidly changing canvas of their experiences to create a visually stunning collection.

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1. Vincent Michea, Before The Bigger Splash, 2012 Courtesy of The Saatchi Gallery.