PAD London Art and Design

This autumn, Berkeley Square, London, welcomes the return of PAD London Art + Design‘s iconic black tent. For the fair’s ninth edition, PAD will showcase innovative art and design pieces from 62 international exhibitors, including 15 newcomers. Opening on 14 October, the event provides a vital survey of objects from the 10th to the 21st century. In 2015, PAD will introduce a vibrant mix of Asian and Islamic art with elegant Chinese ink paintings by Wei Ligang, represented by Michael Goedhuis. Known as the renowned master, Ligang’s mix of calligraphy and influences of western abstraction is notably impeccable. Meanwhile, Alexis Renard brings kaleidoscopic pieces from India and Persia varying from 10th century terracotta to 18th century gilded works on paper.

Compositions from Jean-Jacques Dutko are incorporated into this year’s line-up, placing meticulous art deco furniture by Marcel Coard, Eugène Printz and Paul Dupré-Lafon in dialogue with organic sculptural forms by Eric Schmitt. PAD welcomes first time exhibitor Siegelson, known as a third-generation gem and jewellery dealer in the U.S., presenting art deco in a contemporary arrangement. Also on the cards is arts and crafts specialist Oscar Graf, exposing 19th century delicate copper lamps, while decorative glass is showcased at the Blairman booth. Covering pioneering contemporary ceramic, Barnaby Bradford’s presents a brand new collection of droplet sculptures, along with Katie Malone’s cubic formed stoneware and Hitomi Hosono’s delicate porcelain leaf designs at Adrian Sasoon.

Celebrating contemporary design at PAD will be BSL with Beirut-born designer Charles Kalpakian’s wall cabinet collection entitled Cinéticism. David Gill presents a selection of extraordinary freestanding lamps by Paris-based artist and designer Mattia Bonetti, Kreo brings Studio Wieki Somers’s collaborative project Frozen chest to the UK, and German design company Ammann displays Stone Fossil, a series of unique ‘objets d’art’ first developed by Italian design collective Nucleo in 2014.

Other highlights include 20th century design pieces from Bruno Mathsson, Philippe Hiquily, Pierre Guariche, Ernest Race and Andre Sornay, while contemporary themes can be found in the work of Lindsey Adelman, Van Der Straeten and more. Contrasting forms of creativity are represented with dynamic pieces from Chieko Katsumata and Colin Reed in the decorative art section and recognisable names in the areas of jewellery, antiques and tribal art. The fair’s Modern Art line-up sees Mazzoleni showcase the iconic work of Agostino Bonalumi. Meanwhile, Daniel Blau celebrates key drawings by George Grosz, Robilant + Voena rediscovers Paolo Scheggi, and Vertes highlights speed and movement in Alexander Calder’s kinetic constructions.

The Moët Hennessy PAD London Prize also returns this year with a prestigious panel of judges including Julia Peyton-Jones, Elizabeth Saltzman, Nigel Coates, Allegra Hicks and Jean-Michel Wilmotte. Three awards will be presented in the following categories: Best Contemporary Design, Best 20th century Decorative Art work and Best Stand.

PAD London Art and Design 14-18 October, Berkeley Square, W1, London.

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1. Nucleo, Lapislazuli stone fossil, 2015. Courtesy of Ammann, Germany.