Outside Chapter, Interactive Art from Venice to Hamburg

After the big success of the exhibition made by a group of artists from Hamburg, held at the A Plus A Slovenian Exhibition Centre in Venice in June, it is now time for five Italian multimedia artists to fly to Germany and open the Outside Chapter exhibition at the Elektrohaus in Hamburg on 7th September.

The exhibition is the second half of new curatorial project born as an art exchange between the Art Academy of Hamburg (HFBK) and A plus A Slovenian Exhibition Centre that will promote young talented artists from Venice within a project that aims to build up a strong collaboration between the two artistic scenes of Venice and Hamburg.

The artists Andrea Fincato, Mariano Leotta, Martin Romeo, Andrea Santini and Matteo Stocco, who took part at the first two editions of Toolkit Festival, one of the most important multimedia art festivals in Italy, held in Venice in 2011 and 2012, will exhibit the interactive art project Outside Chapter at the Elektrohaus in Hamburg. They will explore the concept of “serendipity”, that special feeling, a happy accident or pleasant surprise of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it.

Outside Chapter wants to investigate the use of technology in the process of making an interactive art work. The creative project and the resulting interaction between public and art works brings with it random changes, disconnected from each other, which take unexpected and unforeseen forms, in a sort of labyrinth structure. The final result will be exhibited in an installation to document the journey that has led to its creation.

Outside Chapter will be accompanied by a website, which will work as a database for storing the visitors’ opinions during the opening days of the exhibition and focusing on how audiences can influence the final outcome of a piece of art and the importance of such a collaboration.

Outside Chapter, 8th until 14th September, Elektrohaus, Pulverteich 13, 20099 Hamburg Center, Hamburg, Germany. www.elektrohaus.net


1. Matteo Stocco, KIT Florence, 2011
2. Andrea Fincato , No Title, 2008
3. Andrea Santini, Oscilla, 2011
4. Martin Romeo, Built in, 2011